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Laila, 1929's epically scaled Norwegian feature comes from Danish-German director and noted cinematographer George Schnéevoigt, who brings every exotic corner of on-location Scandinavia to the forefront in a decades-spanning romantic adventure. Resurrected and digitally restored by the Norwegian Film institute in 2006, we proudly present this new edition with the kind cooperation of the film archive at the National Library of Norway.

Mona Martenson is Laila, a young girl separated from her parents as a baby and raised by a wealthy reindeer owner Aslag (Peter Malberg) in the frozen tundra. Though she is returned a year later, Laila grows into a young woman of two worlds, at home with both her settled and nomadic upbringings. Laila soon finds herself in a love triangle with her foster brother Mellet (Henry Gleditsch) and her cousin Anders (Harald Schwenzen), played out against the backdrop of an encroaching plague. Expertly photographed with a shockingly modern cinematic flair, Laila goes from snowy mountain-tops to lush green valleys, featuring treacherous waterfalls, packs of rampaging wolves and reindeer-pulled sled chases.

Recently resurrected by and proudly presented in conjunction with the Norwegian Film Institute, Laila boasts a restored transfer and all-new subtitles as well as a brand new theater organ score by renowned composer Robert Israel.


  • "Laila, The Crowning Achievement of Norwegian Silent Cinema" - A new illustrated essay by historian Casper Tybjerg.
  • Tryggve Larssen's Diary - Written during the production of Laila.
  • A Complete Rare Photo Album - From a private collection covering the film's production.
  • Biographical Information - About the principal actors and technicians behind the film.
Release Date: May 16, 2011
Format: DVD
Director: George Schnéevoigt
Year: 1929
Language: Silent (English Intertitles)
Length: 145 mins.
UPC: 6-17311-67629-1
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