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Valentino: Rediscovering an Icon of Silent Film

Valentino: Rediscovering an Icon of Silent Film

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Valentino: Rediscovering an Icon of Silent Film is the definitive Rudolph Valentino DVD compilation featuring digital reconstructions of four previously unavailable films – a new digital reconstruction of two “lost” films: The Young Rajah (1922) and Stolen Moments (1920), A Society Sensation (1918), and Moran of the Lady Letty (1922), featuring a restoration of the film's original intertitle text and tinting, and a new score by Robert Israel.

As one of the most iconic personalities of the silent film era, Rudolph Valentino achieved an unprecedented level of fame, due in part to his exotic good looks and a magnetic personality that leapt from the screen. His undeniable cultural resonance, coupled with his untimely death in August of 1926, has made him a recognizable and still-relevant figure throughout the world.

This collection boasts an extensive assortment of bonus short films, rare audio recordings, previously unpublished photos, promotional materials, production photos and other rare items detailing several aspects of Valentino’s remarkable life and legacy that are sure to fascinate film fans and scholars alike.

Blu-ray M.O.D. editions include Eyes of Youth (1919) and the never before released Virtuous Sinners (1919).


  • Virtual Scrapbooks and Slideshows - Over 175 historical documents including promotional materials, production photos, and slideshows of various Valentino lore.
  • "Who's Who in Hollywood" - Over 80 pages of biographical information on a cross section of Valentino's personal and professional life.
  • Vintage Bonus Films - Rare silent footage and shorts including A Trip Through Paramountown (1922), Screen Snapshots (1921), Character Studies (1925), Bearded Valentino (1924), Rudy Meets Cowboy Star Roy Stewart (1925), and When Love Grows Cold (1925; trailer).
  • Rudolph Valentino (1941) and Valentino Forever - Two documentaries about Valentino's life and sudden death.
  • Round About Hollywood (1931) - A two-color Cinecolor travelogue.
  • "Lady In Black" Interview - A vintage audio recording.
  • Three Vintage Memorial Tribute Song Recordings - "Rudolph Valentino - The Great Director Has Called You", "There's a New Star in Heaven To-Night" and "We Will Meet at the End of the Trail."
Release Date: September 11, 2007
Format: DVD
Director: Phil Rosen, James Vincent, George Melford, Paul Powell
Year: 1918-1922
Language: Silent (English Intertitles)
Length: 226 mins.
UPC: 6-17311-67329-0
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